Introducing Cloudiamo

Cloudiamo is a unique blend of Cloud management and automation technologies and best in class integration services meant to assist leading organizations smoothly handle their hybrid cloud transition.

Hybrid Cloud Solution

Cloudiamo's tech fabric features UBiqube's leading infrastructure automation platform MSactivator, our Cloud Environment Manager Cloudclapp supported by our unique Cloudcare Services.


Infrastructure Automation

Build & manage complex network infrastructure for hardware and software. On premise and cloud assets can be managed on a single platform that allows carrier grade integration and automation at scale.

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Cloud Management

Build cloud environments and deploy compliant applications quickly and securely. Performance and costs of cloud and hybrid assets can be monitored continuously while also ensuring ongoing security and compliance throughout the lifecycle.

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Infrastructure Automation Made Simple

MSactivator is the leading Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) engineered by UBiqube for the continuous design of any IT infrastructure automation process. It is composed of Integration and Automation Modules.

The Integration Module is used by infrastructure engineers to onboard / integrate the wide spectrum of related vendors and systems involved in any given IT solution, i.e. cloud technologies (public/private, containers, etc.), networks systems (virtual and physical, optical, 5G, etc.), security systems, IoT systems and devices, etc. The Automation Module provides the IT automation developer with a unified development environment for process design without concern for the underlying infrastructure technologies / vendors used, enabling an evergreen design.



Are used to connect with the infrastructure being managed. They are coded using the corresponding native infrastructure communication protocol (CLI, API, etc...), so require no agents.



Are coded processes called upon by the BPM layer. They offer a more granular development experience and require software development skills yet without domain or vendor-specific knowledge



Are configuration services applied to a single domain or a single vendor. They are called upon by the workflows, and are how MSactivator handles infrastructure management abstraction.



BPM is your zero code business level automation process design.

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Simplifying Complex Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Complex multi-cloud infrastructure is obstructing app delivery. Accelerate your innovation cycle with Cloudclapp, packaged infrastructure environments for quick and painless cloud app deployment.

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Optimize Infrastructure Cost

Automatically adjust consumed environments according to their real cost for you

Keep It Under Control

Monitor usage, security and cost all from one dashboard

Banish Lock-Ins

Seamlessly change clouds at any point, without the vendor or expert handcuffs on you.

Keep It Safe

Secure your IT teams infrastructure consumption, with security monitoring and auto remediation in line with your corporate practices

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